I've never run cross country before. What do I need?
Nothing special. Shorts, singlet, and old shoes if you're worried about them getting a bit dirty.

Do I have to register before race day?
No. In fact, you can only register on the day. You need to fill out the registration form on the day of your first race for the season, then each other race you just pay your race fee.

It says on the home page "Races run in rain, mud, frost or shine!" 
But seriously, how bad would the weather be for the race to be cancelled (in case I have to check before leaving home)?

The races are never cancelled.

Junior is a bit worried about running on his own. Can I run with him?
For under 8 boys or girls, one parent or sibling can run with the participant. If absolutely necessary. We do not encourage it, for safety (over-crowding) reasons, and because some parents have 'over-encouraged' their children by being there. The kids should just be doing it for fun.

What time do the various races start?
All of those kind of details are in the programme.

How different is cross country to road running?
Quite a bit, and it very much depends on the weather. If you're new to cross country, keep your wits about you, and stay aware of your surroundings. Don't be tripped by a tree root, or take a tumble down a steep hill. But do expect to sometimes get wet and muddy. There are times when it's single lane, so you will need to choose your moment to overtake. But it's all fun. Enjoy it.

Do I need to take drinking water?
No. There's a drink station at the start/finish, so you will never go more than 3k without access to water.

Can I wear an iPod?
Well if you must (sigh). In future years it might well be banned. In cross country, as stated you need to keep your wits about you, and hear other runners coming up behind you. If you're lapped, you might well get a shout to 'keep left' or similar. If you don't hear it because of an Ipod, there could well be a nasty collision. iPods are strongly discouraged.

How are season trophies awarded?
In each race, points are awarded as follows: 
1st - 10 points, 2nd - 8 Points,
3rd - 6 points, 4th - 4 Points,
5th - 3 points, 6th - 2 Points,
7th+ - 1 point
Note that this different to previous years . This is all in the flyer.
Points are then totalled to determine the top three in each age group for each event/distance.
Also note that you must complete 4 out of 6 races to be eligible for series trophies. This is sometimes understood to mean that the best four of your six races are used for the trophy determination. That's not the case. If you only race three times, you are ineligible for a trophy.

What if there's a tie?
This is the series of tie-breakers used by the judges:

  • We look at the number of 1sts, then 2nds, then 3rds, 4ths etc.
  • If there is still a tie - it remains a tie.

My son doesn't turn 12 until 31st December. He's still OK to run in the under 12 age group, right?
Wrong. All age groups are as at 31st December 2019. So he is, for the purposes of this series, 12 years old for any event held this year.